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Åben Firefox

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Jeg får denne besked hver gang jeg åbner.

Native App Needs to Be Installed: Saving Launcher
For saving & opening files using IA, saving-launcher app has to be installed (by running it). If you run the app, it will configure the system so that Mozilla apps are aware of it, and can communicate with it. You can use the steps described below to install Saving Launcher.

Save the following 2 files, e.g. from the following local links, to a folder on your system (they are already downloaded as part of the addon archive (which makes it possible to provide the local links), but a manual installation is currently required):
Go to the folder where these 2 files are, and run saving-launcher.exe. This can be done, for instance, in 1 of the following 3 ways:
Using a file manager (e.g., by double-clicking on the file);
Or opening the file without leaving the Firefox app from Downloads user interface;
Or using a command prompt (e.g., by typing its name and pressing the Enter key (Linux users might want to prefer this approach)).
Re-start the Firefox app (FYI: Saving Launcher should start working even without re-starting on 2nd attempt after installing it).

As an alternative, instead of saving 2 files as indicated above in step 1., you can locate the archive file containing saving-launcher under your Mozilla profile; e.g., under a path like the following: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<some-profile/>\extensions\{16f796dd-a279-4548-9b3a-393d1eef31df}.xpi. If you unzip that file, you can run it as well. It will be under an OS-specific folder; e.g., for Windows 7 (32-bit) it will be under platform\Windows\x86-32 folder.
Extra Info

WebExtensions standards do not allow extensions to interact with the file system directly: this is only possible via (WebExtensions) Native Messaging (API), and requires that a native application be installed by the user (currently the standards don't provide any way of automatically installing such an app). Saving Launcher is a native app (developed by the author of Image Assistant) that uses the standard Native Messaging API (for WebExtensions). If you'd like to learn more on this topic or if you'd like to configure Native Messaging for Image Assistant without using Saving Launcher's installation facility, you can read more about Native Messaging on the following pages:,;,

You can also run
saving-launcher.exe -?
from command line to see how to install it system-wide, uninstall it, or uninstall it system-wide.
Image Assistant: Configuration
Native Messaging with Saving Launcher: Firefox says the native app hasn't been installed (please read above for instructions)
Paths for Images:
Reflect on UI:
Image Viewer:


Det er i en ny fane, som kan lukkes, men irriterende problem

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Kim Ludvigsen
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Re: Åben Firefox

Indlægaf Kim Ludvigsen » tors 1. feb 2018 16:40

Hej Fox

Det er en udvidelse, der hedder Image Assistant, der kræver en installation af et ekstra program for at virke. Hvis du har brug for udvidelsen, skal du installere programmet, som de skriver. Hvis du ikke har brug for udvidelsen, kan du fjerne udvidelsen fra Firefox, så skulle du slippe for meddelelsen.

Udvidelsen gør det muligt at gemme billeder i forskellige formater og at åbne billederne automatisk i et eksternt program, fx til at redigere billedet.

Hvis du vil fjerne udvidelsen:
Klik på menuknappen i Firefox.
Klik på menupunktet Tilføjelser.
Klik på Udvidelser til venstre på indstillingssiden.
Find udvidelsen Image Assistant på listen, markér den, og klik så på knappen Fjern ud for den.
Mvh. Kim

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Re: Åben Firefox

Indlægaf Fox » tors 1. feb 2018 16:50

Mange tak for hjælpen, prøver med det samme

Mvh Fox